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About VERN'

Mission, Vision and Goals


Educated, entrepreneurial and socially responsible people are the carriers of sustainable development and wellbeing of the community


We develop competencies of expertise, entrepreneurship and business-orientation by academic excellence and socially responsible entrepreneurial action, through the interaction, fulfillment and satisfaction

EXPERTISE: acquired knowledge and competencies specific for a particular occupation.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: developed entrepeneurial abilities (creativity, innovativity, communications, recognizing opportunities and risk-taking).

acquired knowledge and skills for business planning, negotiating, presentation, ICT, business literacy, foreign languages (business discourse) and business ethics.

INTERACTION: classes in smaller study groups is based on problem-oriented case studies/analyses and it is focused on the needs and development of individual students; the classes that inspire students to be active, by motivating them to continously personally engage in the teaching process.

free (extra-curricular) activities provide students a wide choice of cultural, sports and social events. 

acquiring knowledge through a demanding, but also interesting and exciting process which by creative enthusiams occupies both students and teachers.


Personal and social values that we particularly emphasize in our daily work and activities, in line with the declared vision and mission, include the following:

  • We respect others and different ones, as a token of our own freedom and humain social relations.
  • We recognize personal strengths, we instigate, support and develop striving to excellence and individual achievements as the basic fabric of the society's wellbeing.
  • We support openness, daring, diligence, responsibility and moral values as the traits that lead to individual success and prosperity of the society.


Our general and particular, educational, business and institutional goals are inspired and harmonized with the declared vision, mission and values. The University is strategically focused on education for values and competences that are needed to our students and teachers in the accomplisment of their personal life aspirations and career potentials, as well as the social community's well-being.

Our educational goals are aimed at enable the students to: 

  • successfully launch and achieve own entrepreneurial endavour immediately after they obtain their diploma
  • active contribution to creating new values and dynamic growth of professional career from the first day of employment
  • ambitious continuation of academic post-graduate education and further development of professional and scientific competencies .

As a subject of socially responsible entrepreneurship on the educational market, we set our business goals and we achieve by:

  • continous contribution to the academic excellence in the process of accomplishing educational goals 
  • continued business success in sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurial activity.

It is our institutional goal to enable good-quality, efficient, just and international higher education which contributes to competitiveness of the Croatian society. Within this goal, it is our target to become an innovative and entreprenurial university by the year 2020.

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