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Foreign Erasmus students: "Studying at VERN' is excellent and lecturers are great"

We bring you few more impressions of foreign Erasmus students who spent their winter semester of acamedic year 2016/2017 studying at VERN'. Gonzalo, Borja and Marta from Spain and Nurseli from Turkey are very satisfied they have selected VERN’ for their Erasmus institution and they complimented the model of studying at VERN’ and the quality of our lecturers.

Gonzalo Espiga

This is not my first time in Croatia. I visited Croatia few years ago, and when I've seen Zagreb as a possible Erasmus+ destination, I could not resit. I loved studying at VERN' and my favourite course was English as the language of media. I was mainly spending my time meeting with other Erasmus students and regarding Zagreb, beside it is a beautiful city, the Advent I have experienced was my favourite moment in your city. 

Nurseli Şark

Actually, Zagreb was my last choice and I can honestly say I'm very happy that I chose it. During my stay I travelled a lot, so I have visited Venice, Rome, Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Bosnia and Belgrade. I have liked studying at VERN', it was really excellent and all the lecturers have been very nice since the beginning – always there to help us and transfer us new and interesting knowledge. 

Borja Columbrans Aroca

I've had a really great time while staying in Croatia, I've met with other people from Erasmus+ and did so many fun stuff. Why do I like Zagreb? It's is in the middle of Europe and you can do trips to a lot of countries near Croatia. Since I've never been to Croatia, I thought Zagreb could be a different type of Erasmus. And I definitely wasn't wrong! Lecturers at VERN' were very nice and they were always ready to help and answer to our questions. My favourite course was definitely Media industry.

Marta Marzana

I went to Erasmus program to travel, gain new knowledge about my profession and improve my English language skills. My favourites courses were Photo and video reporting, Basics of tourism and tourist attractions as well as the course Special tourism. All of those were very interesting. Nowadays, Croatian tourism is growing fast so we have really learned some fascinating things. I've even had a chance to travel a bit – to Zadar, Dubrovnik, Varaždin and Istria. To sum up, I've really enjoyed studying at VERN', lecturers were great and I think that VERN' exactly has that special modern “European university” touch.

(Andro Anić)

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Author of pictures: Petar Vučetić
Date of publication: 31.3.2017.
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