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VERN' was awarded the SUPERBRANDS status once more

At the ceremony held at the Westin Hotel, VERN' was awarded the SUPERBRANDS CROATIA 2010 status

VERN' has again this year acquired the SUPERBRANDS CROATIA 2010 status. Since last year, VERN' is the first and only Croatian institution of higher education which was granted the Superbrands status, and, by this new election, the only one who has succeeded in doing this for two years in a row.

Since VERN's brand consists of business experts with high quality education, we can say that with this year’s acknowledgement, all our active students and alumni have additionally strengthened their Superbrand status on the market.

The award ceremony was held at the Westin hotel in Zagreb, and representatives of 90 prominent Croatian companies have received the awards. This year’s winners include Agrokor, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Vindija, Zagrebačka Banka and many other successful business systems and brands.

Awarding quality mark and market reliability is a huge recognition for an institution which has been engaged in education for twenty years and which has been the driver of many market changes. By this, we primarily mean the launch of the program for entrepreneurs’ education ten years ago, when it was mainly considered that entrepreneurship does not call for any higher education. This was followed by the launch of new study programs that equip entrepreneurs with multidisciplinary business knowledge and managerial skills which guarantee competitiveness on the market. VERN' was also the first one that implemented the project of grouping in the private higher education sector, when the Zagreb School of Management (ZSM) joined the VERN’ Group in 2009. ZSM is specialized in educating managerial staff in tourism. Adding to all this is systematic investment into development and implementation of the program for lifelong learning, which guarantee the quality of knowledge and competitiveness on the labor market.

Additional significance for re-election of VERN' as the bearer of the Superbrands status is the fact that the brands cannot apply for election on their own, but their election is based on an independent selection process, which includes independent market research agencies, which gather the finalist shortlist of 1000 brands; an independent Superbrands expert council which evaluates the finalists; and the consumers who vote on the Internet simultaneously with the members of the council. More than 23.000 consumers voted this year, which adds additional significance to these results.

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Author of pictures: January 12, 2010
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