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International cooperation

Procedure for ECTS credit allocation

The number of ECTS for each course is defined by the study programs and in compliance with the ECTS User’s Guide. Students who participate in the mobility program have to choose compatible courses at a partner institution valued 30 ECTS per semester.

Learning Agreement is created based on the compatibility of course content (learning outcome) of home and receiving institution. The required percentage of compatibility is 70 per cent. Course-load assessment, i.e. the number of ECTS, is also taken into account. The difference in course content is in the most cases very small and thus the number of ECTS allocated to certain course at home institution is recognized to students.

Before leaving for mobility, students discuss syllabus of chosen courses with the head of study program and vice-dean for studies. Upon final agreement of chosen courses, Learning Agreement is being signed by student, the head of program and vice-dean from VERN’ and responsible persons from partner institution.  Any possible changes are written in changes attached to LA.

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