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About the program

VERN'/U.B.I. international MBA program – about the program

About the program

Name of the program: VERN'/U.B.I. international MBA program

Type: International MBA program

Diplomas: Upon completion of the VERN'/U.B.I. international MBA program, the graduates acquire an international (non-degree) diploma, along with the VERN's diploma of appropriate graduate study

Duration: Two (2) academic years, i.e. four (4) semesters (graduate study) + five (5) additional courses (5th semester)

ECTS credits: 120 + 30 = 150

Cooperation between VERN' and UBI

For a long time, VERN' has followed the dynamics of preparation for Croatia’s accession to the EU and our citizens to full-fledged membership in the European Union.

Business cooperation with the United Business Institutes (UBI) from Brussels – a private higher educational institution – is based on the identity of educational programs, a joint vision on business education and education for entrepreneurship, a horizontal (content-wise variety of studies) and vertical component (various degrees) of the Bologna Declaration, which both institutions comply with, as well as shared ideas and manner of organizing classes in study groups.

By this cooperation, VERN' and all its students got a strong and reliable business partner in the very hub of the European Union, Brussels.

UBI program

VERN's priority interest is to provide an international dimension to its study programs, by complementing programs with foreign teachers, partial studying abroad, and the content of courses in the EU areas, leadership, lobbying and intercultural communication. On the other hand, UBI attempts to continually extend its international activities onto the new European markets.

Through international exchange and comparison of curriculums of VERN's graduate and UBI’s MBA studies, the conclusion was that they are mutually harmonious in many aspects as well as complementary, both in content and methodically, so that a relatively minor maneuver will suffice in creating a joint product that will include a strong European business component,  and as such would represent a new, modern, multidisciplinary European MBA program.

In order to create the VERN'/U.B.I. international MBA program, UBI has supplemented the VERN's graduate studies with its 5-course package.

The package structure covers extremely interesting and useful European topics, including conceptions of managerial communications, financing new business projects in the EU and intercultural cooperation, all the way to lobbying and change management.

Each course contains 25 hours of interactive lectures and is validated by 6 ECTS credits, which in the end brings additional 30 ECTS credits to students, i.e. value of 1 additional semester.

The lecturers are professors from UBI’s MBA studies and they lecture exclusively in English.

The package consists of the following 5 courses:

  1. Entrepreneurship in EU
  2. Essentials to European Funds
  3. Leadership
  4. Intercultural Business Communication
  5. Lobbying Concepts

 Manner of Studying

3 courses – VERN', Zagreb:

The students study and take three of five courses, which the UBI professors teach at VERN' in Zagreb, during the total of three weeks (one course per week).

2 courses – UBI, Brussels:

The students study and take two remaining courses at UBI in Brussels during a two-week stay in Brussels.  

In addition to lectures and practice, the program also includes visits to the EU institutions (the European Parliament), as well as successful multinational companies.  

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