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Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance - about the study program

About the Study Program - Accounting and Finance

Why study Accounting and Finance?

This study programme is aimed at acquiring the knowledge and skills that enable top achievements in business careers. In the modern business environment accounting and financial experts have become key players in the management of business ventures and systems. Specific knowledge and skills studied in the context of modern management requirements and systematic thinking enable the acquisition of knowledge, methods and tools needed to deal with complex challenges in a turbulent economic environment.

Although the duration of this study programme is in accordance with the recommended Bologna model (three years of undergraduate and two years of graduate studies), it is possible to acquire specialized knowledge and skills through a joint study of accounting and financial disciplines, which makes this study programme unique in the Croatian education market.

Mastering modern accounting and financial concepts and the excellent knowledge of financial markets and instruments enable students to start up and run their own business ventures, act with superb confidence as board members and achieve top careers in the field of accounting and finance in large companies.

What are the students' competences after graduation?

The curriculum of this study program focuses on the development of analytical skills and problem solving techniques in the practice of business decision making. This study programme has incorporated a multidisciplinary approach in its concept in order to respond to the complex demands of the modern market economy, thus ensuring that the graduates are able to perform all the tasks and activities in the field of accounting and finance within the legal and fiscal normative framework and actively participate in the business decision making processes.

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