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Entrepreneurial Management

Entrepreneurial Management - about the study program

About the Study Program - Entrepreneurial Management

Why study Entrepreneurial Management?

The labour markets in Europe and the rest of the world, especially at a time of economic crisis, demand professional, ethical, well-educated and entrepreneurial managers:

  • for the growth and improvement of management in family businesses,
  • for entrepreneurial management in large companies,
  • for international growth of businesses,
  • for business restructuring,
  • for managing subsidiaries of multinational companies,
  • for managing institutions and NGO's.

This two-year graduate study programme was developed on the basis of  needs analyses of the labour markets in private and public sectors and in response to the need for lifelong learning (educational verticals) among students who have obtained their Bachelor Degrees at VERN' or other higher education institutions (economic, technical, artistic, etc.). After several years of managing their own businesses or working at lower and middle management positions in companies and institutions, they have recognized the need to broaden their existing knowledge and acquire new expertise and skills in entrepreneurial management.

What are the students' competences after graduation?

Upon graduating from this study programme students acquire the necessary competences required for the professional management of small and medium sized enterprises and for entrepreneurial management of innovative growing departments in large companies. They are qualified for the effective implementation of new technologies and products, the launch of new and restructuring of the existing businesses and for successful identification and exploitation of business opportunities.

Besides the basic skills of business management, students also acquire various cognitive, communication and creative skills. In addition, students develop their personal system of social values, inner strength and commitment, which are necessary to develop an entrepreneurial approach in the planning and implementation of regular activities, as well as the ability to learn from business crises. During their study process and through practical work, students are guided in a way that enables them to apply the acquired managerial skills in real life, i.e. a particular company. With this kind of business and entrepreneurial enhancement, students can use the expertise gained in their undergraduate studies more effectively.

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