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Managing Business Communications

Managing Business Communication - about the study program

About the Study Program - Managing Business Communication

Why to study Business Communications Management?

Starting the specialist graduate study programme Managing Business Communications in 2005, VERN' was one of the first Universities in Croatia that have offered vocational training for business communication. This study programme continue to develop and grow following new communication trends, but it also follows changes in social and technological environment. Consequently, VERN' University of Applied Sciences is the only University in Croatia today that offers specialized graduate program that educate students to provide services and advisory actions in the field of integrated communications (IC).

It is a combination of strategic roles of different communication disciplines (marketing and public relations) in order to achieve a synergy effect. The key of understanding the concept of IC is a synergy in terms of the common, carefully planned and disciplined implementation of tools of marketing and public relations, but also strategies, because there is no successful IC without carefully designed communication strategy based on a sustainable business plan.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) are created in the late 80's in the United States and according to certain theorists, it was emerged due to development of information technologies and their impact on media and communication in general; due to multiplication of media and the emergence of new media that combine classic, printed and electronic media (written, visual and auditory component); due to diversification of (targeted) audience which strongly influenced the entrance of two-way communication in the area of ​​marketing; due to globalization and emergence of global markets and strengthening of multinational companies; and due to emergence of guerrilla (nonconventional) forms of communication.

What are the students' competences after graduation?

VERN’s reformed study programme Managing Business Communications offers courses that educate students both to be able to develop and implement marketing communication projects (brand strategies, visual communication, copywriting, guerrilla communications, etc.), as well as projects in the field of public relations (communication planning, advanced management of media relations, community management, trends, political and crisis communications, etc.). It prepares students for their successful integration – as well as integration of targeted audience – in organisation’s communication in order to achieve synergy effects.

This study program is a logical choice for further professional development of all students who graduate at the bachelor study programmes of public relations as it provides a very important upgrade of acquired communication skills, which makes them far more competitive at the labour market.

Upon graduation at this study programme, student is qualified to perform all jobs in public relation and marketing communication fields for organisations in profit, public/state and non-profit sector.

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