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Human Resources Management

About the Study Program – Human Resources Management

Why to study Human Resources Management?

How many times have you heard that Human Resources (HR) are the most valuable asset of a business organization? They are also the largest generator of innovation and technological progress, which fosters the development of business and economy, and thus the social well-being. Companies are adapting to dynamic changes in the market, the same as their employees who have to be prepared for continuous education and adaption to business environment. In such circumstances, companies need professionals who will be able to:

  • direct and contribute to initiatives and processes within the organization
  • understand and apply information which are useful for organization’s strategic planning
  • manage people relationships in order to increase services and business improvements
  • critically interpret information that is relevant for making business decisions and recommendations
  • advocate and support organizational values and minimize the possible risks
  • use the principles and practices of human resources management for a purpose of business success

The basis for development of this study program was the Competence model of Society for Human Resources Management, developed in 2012, which describes key competencies to perform the tasks and activities of Human Resource Management. This study program was developed in accordance to key competences for lifelong learning of the Croatian Qualifications Framework - CQF (responsibility and autonomy), as well as to key competencies of the European Qualifications Framework - EQF (communication in birth language, communication in foreign languages, mathematics, natural and technical sciences as well as their areas, basics of ICT, organization of learning, social and civic competencies, entrepreneurship, cultural expression).

What are students’ competencies after graduation?

After they graduate, students are acquired with the necessary competencies needed to work in human resources departments, as well as for coordination and control of activities of human resources management in segments of selection process, employment, education, as well as professional and personal development of employees. These so-educated professionals represent a significant step forward and support for existing HR departments, as well as for future departments developed in accordance with the economy growth.

Within the competencies of Human Resources Management, students acquire specific skills in following areas: creation of jobs, retention, succession, separation, rationalization and retirement of employees, marketing, mentoring, statistics, prevention of negative effects of work stress and burnout , etc.

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