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Lifelong Learning

Tour Animator and Event Organizer

About the study program

You are communicative, creative and dynamic; you like to organize events, parties, trips and meetings with people from different cultures? In addition to this, if you see your future in tourism, take the professional exam and become a

            Tour Animator and Event Organizer

We have created a new program for tour animators and event organizers (recorded in the employment record), which offers for the first time in Croatia the possibility of professional training and specialization for currently most demanded occupation in tourism, with particular emphasis on the demand by hotels and farmsteads with rural tourism; demand by tour agencies and destinations and cultural tourism.
It is our mission to provide education through a concrete educational program in the direction of materializing actual needs and improving tourist cultural offer of a destination, focusing on the local inhabitant and our cultural-historic heritage. Several years ago, when we have started our mission, we used to say that we wished to change the cultural-tourist climate. Today we know that we are changing it, precisely through such programs and actions.

Why to take the exam for Tourist Animator and Event Organizer:

  • basic goal of this type of education is to yield the staff of excellent quality through education, skilled in this way to be able to contribute by their knowledge and expertise to higher quality of the offer of an individual destination,
  • our professional education follows the new trends which enable adapting to global trends in tourism; lectures are based on prescribed programs and examples from the tourist practice here and abroad; gaining specific knowledge and acquiring required social and communications skills,
  • fieldwork as practical part of training in contact with the needs of the tourist industry and local self-government.

Why to take the exam at VERN':

  • Because it is an innovative, entrepreneurial and dynamic institution, which can offer through the specific knowledge and experience of the Zagreb School of Management specific knowledge and experience in educating employees in tourism,
  • Because this is the only institution in Croatia that enables taking a special part of the exam for 10 counties in small groups,
  • Because the lecturers from the Tourism Study are specialists and experts in specific areas of tourism,
  • Because during the theoretical and practical part of the course all formally and informally gathered knowledge is taken into account, from the specific topic for which the exam is taken.




No.of hours


Introduction to Croatian Political and Economic System 



Introduction to Tourism and Tourist Legislation 



Introduction to Destination Management 



Aspects and Organizing Animation  



Attraction Resource Base 



Organizing and Running Events 



Socio-cultural Aspects of Tourism 



Introduction to Hotel Management 






Introduction to Scenic Expression 



Media Institutions, Artistic, Cultural and Scientific Institutions



Occupational Safety and Crisis Management



Practical Classes (fieldwork and training)



Total No. of hours


Enrolment and prices 

Which formal requirements you need to fulfill:

  • Croatian citizenship
  • Legal capacity
  • Educational attainment - at least high school level
  • Knowledge of at least one world language, preferably two.

(what needs to be submitted at least one week prior to the beginning of lectures)

  • payment certificate
  • evidence proving your educational degree of at least high school level 
  • Certificate of Citizenship (domovnica)
  • birth certificate
  • a statement for which county/counties you wish to take the special part of the exam, if you are not taking only the general part of the exam (application form)
  • evidence for the purpose of exemption from taking the foreign language test if you fulfill the requirements for this 
  • evidence on passing the general part of the exam, if the candidate applies for taking only the special part of the exam.

The price is 13.900,00 Kuna per person and can be paid in 6 installments

Entitlement to 10 % discount for the following persons:

  • students and alumni from VERN' (VERN' University and Zagreb School of Management)
  • tourist boards of the cities, municipalities or counties 
  • legal entities who have applied 2 or more persons 
  • members of UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies)

Entitlement to 5 % discount for the general part of the exam for the following persons:

  • candidates who have formerly passed at ZSM one of the seminars within the lifelong learning education.

IBAN No. for payment of costs for the seminar
 HR14 23300031100211184

Applications to be handed over personally each business day from 9 to 17 hours or sent by mail to the address of the VERN' University, Public Relations Office, Zagreb, Importanne Galleria (Iblerov trg 10), 1st floor - Veleučilište VERN', Ured za odnose s javnošću, Zagreb, Importanne Galleria (Iblerov trg 10), 1.kat. Incomplete applications will not be taken into account. The applications will be taken at the latest one week before the commencement of the seminar. 

web site:
Ibler Square, 10, Importanne Gallery, 1st floor

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