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Tour(ist) Guide Program

About the study program

This is the State Exam type of program, within witch lectures and final exam are conducted exclusively on Croatian language (for candidates who speak Croatian).

Pursuant to the Act on the Provision of Tourism Services (Official Gazette No. 68/07) and The Ordinance on the Tour Guide Professional Exam and Examination Program for Tour Leaders (Official Gazette No. NN 50/08); (Official Gazette 120/08), the VERN' University will hold a professional exam for a

Tour(ist) Guide

Today’s tourists go for a vacation not so much for vacation, but rather for personal development, they wish to educate themselves while travelling, to learn something new, to meet the locals and customs. In this context, if they use the organized travel through a travel agency, a tour guide will lead them, who is between the tourists (regardless of whether they have visited that city, country, location or not) and the city itself. The tourists most often orient themselves toward the tour guide: they listen to him/her, and thus learn new things; if the tour guide is unprepared, reads from a paper or is not interested, the tourists will be unsatisfied because they were deprived of a wonderful experience, they have not experienced the city, heard a memorable story. Therefore, the tourist guide is an important link in the chain of creating experiences because today’s tourism is the tourism of the new era in which we sell dreams and make them come true.

Why to take the exam for a Tour Guide:

  • Because this is an interesting, dynamic and well paid job which may be done occasionally or as an additional job, but also as free lance,
  • Because based on the Act on the Provision of Tourism Services (Zakon o pružanju usluga u turizmu), only a licensed tour guide who has passed the expert exam may show and interpret tourist sights,
  • Because by taking the general part of the exam qualifies you to take the special part of the exam for tourist localities in the areas of specific counties.

Why to take the exam at VERN':

  • Because it is an innovative, entrepreneurial and dynamic institution, which can offer through the specific knowledge and experience of the Zagreb School of Management specific knowledge and experience in educating employees in tourism,
  • Because this is the only institution in Croatia that enables taking a special part of the exam for 10 counties in small groups,
  • Because the lecturers from the Tourism Study are specialists and experts in specific areas of tourism,
  • Because during the theoretical and practical part of the course all formally and informally gathered knowledge is taken into account, from the specific topic for which the exam is taken.





Political system of the Republic of Croatia 


Jelena Uzelac, M.A. in Law, lecturer

Economic System of the Republic of Croatia


Dijana Pletikosa, Ph.D., lecturer

Introduction to Tourism and Introduction to Tourist Business


Izidora Marković Vukadin, Ph.D., lecturer

Introduction to Tourist-related Legislation


Senka Janjanin Krklješ, M.A. in Law

Croatian History


Miroslav Šašić, professor

Tourist Geography of Croatia 


Professor Zoran Klarić, Ph.D.

Cultural-Historic Monuments and Other Sights in Croatia


Vicko Krampus, professor, senior lecturer

Culture of Speaking and Writing


Vicko Krampus, professor, senior lecturer / Marija Novak-Ištok, MsC.

Foreign Language (just taking the exam)



Operative-Technical Tasks for Tour(ist) Guides


Željko Trezner, M.A. in economics, senior lecturer

Special part for every region/city - Mladen Jauk

Courses Culture of Speaking and Writing and Operative-Technical Tasks for Tour(ist) Guides include lectures and exercises. The Foreign Language Exam is taken only by the candidates who have applied for taking the exam for a specific foreign language. General part of the exam consists of the written, oral and practical part of the exam, and evaluation of the seminar paper of the attendant, and it is taken at the earliest 15 days after the end of lessons at the course. The attendants will be given precise instructions before the lectures end for preparation of the exam, expert literature and key topics - questions that they must devote special attention to.
The attendants are entitled to take the exam twice, and each next time they pay the exam fee in the amount of 800,00 Kn. 

Special part of the program

When applying for the general part of the program, the candidates may immediately apply also for the special part of the program for the City of Zagreb, and the counties as follows: Zagrebačka, Krapinsko-zagorska, Bjelovarsko-bilogorska, Virovitičko-podravska, Koprivničko-križevačka, Sisačko-moslavačka, Karlovačka, Ličko-senjska and Međimurska. The groups for individual counties will be formed depending on the candidates' interest pursuant to a special program which entails 10 hours of theory and minimum 20 hours of practical work on the field for the area of each county, i.e. the City of Zagreb. Additional fee for taking the special exam per one county depends on the number of applied candidates, min. No. of applicants is 7. 

Enrolment and prices 

Which formal requirements you need to fulfill:

  • Croatian citizenship
  • Legal capacity
  • Educational attainment - at least high school level

(what needs to be submitted at least one week prior to the beginning of lectures)

  • payment certificate
  • evidence proving your educational degree of at least high school level
  • Certificate of Citizenship (domovnica)
  • birth certificate
  • a statement for which county/counties you wish to take the special part of the exam, if you are not taking only the general part of the exam (application form)
  • evidence for the purpose of exemption from taking the foreign language test if you fulfill the requirements for this 
  • evidence on passing the general part of the exam, if the candidate applies for taking only the special part of the exam.

General part of the program

The price for the general part of the exam amounts to 3.900,00 Kuna per person and can be paid in 3 installments.
Additional fee for taking the exam in foreign language is 400,00 Kuna, for each foreign language
Entitlement to 10% discount for the general and special part of the program for the following persons:

  • students and alumni from VERN' (VERN' University and Zagreb School of Management),
  • tourist boards of the cities, municipalities or counties,
  • legal entities who have applied 2 or more persons,
  • members of UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies).

Entitlement to 5 % discount for the general part of the exam for the following persons:

  • candidates who have formerly passed at ZSM one of the seminars within the lifelong learning education.

The price for the special (specialist) part of the exam:
for the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County amounts to 1.600,00 Kuna (min. No. of applicants is 30). Special part of the exam also consists of the written, oral and practical part of the test, and evaluation of the seminar paper of the attendant, but if the general and special part of the test is taken simultaneously, the seminar paper and the practical part of the exam are only done once.

IBAN No. for payment of costs for the seminar
 HR14 23300031100211184

Incomplete applications will not be taken into account. The applications will be taken at the latest one week before the commencement of the seminar.

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