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Business IT

Business IT

We live in an incredibly fast paced world, a world that «does business at the speed of thought» and which increasingly does business only and exclusively with the ones that are alike - the ones that have information, and know how to systemize it.

Expeditious development of ICT has opened a space for improvements in all business areas, and their application appropriately results in the increase of efficiency of business itself – higher productivity, competitiveness and transparency. Everyone wants to be computerized; everyone wants to have information here and now; everyone wants to know how to best use the information they have; and everyone wants to learn how to retrieve information in the easiest way possible and somebody needs to tell them how to do this.

Today there are almost no high-school kids without computers, and the majority of them use it almost daily, but at the same time there are those whose parents are more computer-literate than their children. Literacy nowadays no longer includes only reading and writing, but it also includes computer literacy.

VERN's undergraduate professional study of IT in Business is a multidisciplinary study which consolidates problems of IT in interaction with business processes, and it is based on operative and applicative knowledge and skills. The challenges of the trends and innovations in the ICT world harmonically and functionally link this curriculum with the findings of the modern-day business, educating at the same time precisely the profile of computer-skilled business experts which are scarce in the labor market.

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