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Entrepreneurship in Applied Arts and Design (soon)

About the study program

Undergraduate professional Study Program Entrepreneurship in Applied Arts and Design, which will be conducted at VERN’, will be the outcome of the project "Development of Bachelor Degree Program Entrepreneurship in Applied Arts and Design", which have been financed by structural instruments of the European Social Fund.

The project has been carried out for 18 months and the study program was designed in cooperation with partner institutions:

The launch of this undergraduate study program is expected in 2019 after which the education vertical of VERN’ will be comprised of eight (8) undergraduate professional study programs and six (6) specialist graduate professional study programs.

This multidisciplinary Curriculum in the field of Applied Arts and Design is based on two main documents which were created as a part of development project, Standard of Occupation and Qualification Standard, with the aim to enhance the entrepreneurial competences of professionals in the field of art and design and to foster their self-employment. The Curriculum has been made after the extensive labour market research and teacher’s training.

The VERN' educational group will now operate through two institutions, the University of Applied Sciences and the University and both will be a part of VERN’s integrated system.

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