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Entrepreneurship Economics

Entrepreneurship Economics

We live in the world of changes - changes that affect the economies and societies as a whole.

The current generations see no problem in this, but rather –as an exciting challenge. It is a challenge that provokes generating new business ideas, successful balancing on the edge of powerful market competitions, daring entrance into all risks associated with integration processes and smart balancing of advantages and shortcomings of globalization. Creating new, innovative, competitive business networks reinstates new rules, new paradigms, and new concepts of modern business. These generations redefine their lives and careers in an entrepreneurial way.

Entrepreneurial higher education relates to knowledge which enables the students to release their creative and innovative potentials in a way that they recognize business opportunities, observe the risks and manage the entrepreneurial project based on acquired knowledge.

VERN's undergraduate professional study of Entrepreneurship Economics is a flexible and modern business study with a strong entrepreneurial charge, whose curriculum does not tolerate shortcomings and inertia of classical theories, but compensates them by applying a living entrepreneurial theory, applicable in a living business practice. Contemporary applicative multidisciplinary and multifunctional business knowledge and skills are essential for the development of entrepreneurial projects, by adopting family entrepreneurial companies and/or entrepreneurial activities and processes in other firms and business entities. This is the foundation of the study program whose goal seems easily attainable, but it is at the same time exceptionally complex: to educate the new generations in a way that they can create new values on the market in comparison to others who do not wish this or do not know how to do so.

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