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A constant struggle of media organizations for influence, profitability and existence on the market, as well as the technological development and changes in the habits of media audience, have all changed the trends in journalism. Although the media have to adjust to new trends if they wish to maintain and increase their audience, the work and actions of journalists and other media experts is still based on theoretically set rules of profession, which are additionally enriched at this study program through practical work.

Lack of complementary educated journalists in the Croatian media system was the main reason for launching this professional study program. It has been noticed that new journalists at the beginning of their careers lack precisely the practical, but also up-to-date theoretical knowledge.

Besides knowing the basic principles of journalistic work, the journalist of today is also required to have multidisciplinary knowledge in the area of politics, economy, culture, history, art and current daily political events. A professional approach to education is required in order for a student to satisfy, in a craftsmanship sense, the requirements of working environments where they will come to work. Students gain practical experience that has been passed on by renowned media experts, and students develop it further through practical work in media companies and agencies.

During the three years of study, contemporary media practice is systematically scrutinized, as well as the history and development of media, media policy and regulations, and the political, economic and social role of the media. During the study, the students will develop the culture and ethics of media communication, they will familiarize themselves in detail with research journalism, find out what the sources of information are, how media is edited and managed. The study develops essential media literacy in Croatian and English.

The study program is modern and dynamic, and the students are being trained through a multidisciplinary approach for competent performance of jobs of media employees, in all segments of the media industry, as well for continued study at compatible graduate studies.

Key words: Journalism
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