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About the study program

Name of the study program: Journalism

Type: Three-year undergraduate professional study

Professional title: Professional bachelor of journalism

ECTS points: 180

Accreditation: Professional study Journalism has been performed since July 2007, based on the accreditation issued by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports


Reasons to launch the study program

The study program of journalism was established with the purpose of contributing to the development of journalism in Croatia through education and creation of new generations of media professionals, who understand the needs of modern media practice and who, upon completing their education, can quickly manage on the labor market.

The future journalists and media experts are provided at this study program, in addition to theoretical knowledge, also with the continuous interaction with media practice, which they are familiarized with by the lecturers at the study program, renowned experts in this area and guest lecturers, practitioners in the fields of media and communication. 

Evaluation of purposefulness of the study of journalism  

The purpose for founding the study of journalism was conditioned by:

  • the needs of Croatian media for educated journalists and media experts who have initial experiences in practice  
  • conviction that organizing and implementing professional study of journalism will significantly contribute to more quality media production  
  • needs of education for insufficiently developed media entrepreneurship and importance of holistic approach to the development of media management and entrepreneurship
  • stimulating a positive development of culture and ethics of media communication 

Competences that students acquire by the time they complete the study program 

Upon completing the study program, the students will acquire basic and practical knowledge in the area of journalism and media, and multidisciplinary knowledge from other fields that are essential to them for correct and objective reporting and journalistic work.

The finished students are equipped to work in all branches of journalism and performance of all types of works on television, radio and internet, at publishing and newspaper companies.

The study program is compatible to the vision of strategic development of the VERN' University, which means transformation into an innovative integrated European university, which will create contemporary and excellently educated media experts. The existing graduation study program Managing Business Communication is compatible to the under-graduate study of Journalism and it is a logical continuation of education in the field of media and communication.  

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