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Technical Management

Technical Management

Business survival in a very dynamic market requires the ability to recognize opportunities, identify potential risks, make quick decisions and accept responsibilities.

Although many companies in " the new economy" grow and disappear much faster, not only because of the lack of managerial skills but also because of the lack of technical and social competencies which are necessary to create a healthy base, the owners mostly blame a lack of suitable staff for their failure.

It is interesting that under the appropriate personnel, they do not mean top managers, but intellectuals with economic and technical knowledge and skills who are missing on the market. So they need a competitive expert, well oriented both in production and economic surroundings, who will be a sort of connector between business and technology management.

The global labor market shows a growing need for young, well-educated and entrepreneurial oriented techno managers, who are trained not just to estimate the financial risk, but along with the positive performance and business decision, to take all necessary actions for the successful realization of business and production plan:

  1. for the growth and profiling of family businesses and trades
  2. for managing manufacturing and service centers in large enterprises
  3. for the formation and restructuring of small manufacturing and service facilities
  4. for managing affiliates and service centers of multinational companies
  5. for a business expansion on foreign markets and the globalization of domestic enterprises
  6. for managing service and business organizations.
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