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Tourism – Tourist and Hotel Management

Tourism – Tourist and Hotel Management

We live in the world of globalization, advanced technologies, growingly faster ways of communicating; in a world where capital, people, ideas and information travel at an incredible speed. We wish for different things and faster change, and this is now possible. People are becoming closer and more connected in this new era of technology and travel. The world in the last decades, regardless of occasional halts, records an incredible increase in tourism. The new generations visit places that their parents could only dream of, or read about in magazines, or see in documentaries and films. These destinations are no longer impossible to reach

Croatia is a popular destination for foreigners, which is why tourist planning and management has become increasingly important.  

Undergraduate professional study of Tourist and Hotel Management is a modern approach to the tourism and hospitality industry. The possibility of doing all highly-skilled and managerial tasks related to tourism and the hotel business; organizational tasks and managing tourism at a tourist destination, tasks in all sorts of tourist and catering establishments, tasks related to organization, planning, and marketing of tourism for the needs of tourist boards, tourist departments at local administration, system of chambers of commerce and tourist agencies - represents a wide palette of tasks where the applicability of knowledge acquired at this study becomes unquestionable.

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