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Amelia Tomašević


PREREQUISITES: Fluency in English.

FREQUENCY OF OFFERING: 5 and 6 semesters

DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE CONTENT: This course will provide focused coverage of development, structure and organization of hotel business and various types of international hospitality operations.  It will help to understand how it has transformed in itself and in respect to the evolution of the tourism industry. It will also explain the social and economic role, responsibilities and opportunities of the hotel industry.  The course will cover condominium, time share, and various forms of affiliations like franchise, management and lease.  The students will be introduced to specific skills needed for convention and incentive sales business. An orientation to all hotel operations will be given. The course will be supported by case studies from the hotel industry, both from independent hotels and members of the international hotel corporations. Special emphasize will be given to added values, the quality of service and guest expectations in hotel industry, the corporate culture and the hotel philosophy, the importance of standards and the role of management in achieving the best results.

OUTCOMES: This course aims to make the students familiar with the subject of hotel management and specific characteristics of hotel industry by explaining its main functions and terms. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the historic role of outstanding hoteliers
  • Understand the reasons for traveling  and travel motivators which helps to create the appropriate product for specific guests
  • Determine the organizational structure of a hotel
  • Determine the importance of service
  • Evaluate main characteristics of  each hotel department and its operations
  • Evaluate the importance of corporate culture in hotel
  • Evaluate the importance of standards
  • Critically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of  hotel affiliations
  • Critically analyze the social, economic and environmental role of hotel industry
  • Understand the philosophy of hotel business
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