"10. European Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance" held at VERN’ - ECMLG 2014. - 15.11.2014.
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ECMLG 2014.

"10. European Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance" held at VERN’

A two-day international conference titled "10th European Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance" held at VERN’ University of Applied Sciences. The conference joined more than eighty scientists and experts from more than twenty countries, in the field of management, business strategy, marketing, leadership, public administration etc.

With representatives from renowned educational institutions such as Stanford University, University of South Australia, New Zealand's Massey University, Aalto University from Finland, University in Beijing, and many others, the conference was also attended by business professionals with extensive experience in commercial and public sector.

"Discussion about management, leadership and governance issues is an imperative in today’s world. We need new concepts and new skills to solve current challenges, but also the future challenges that are not even recognized as challenges yet, but they are ahead of us", said Vlatko Cvrtila, Dean at VERN’.

Keynote speeches were held by our lecturers Mr. Zeljko Trezner, Director of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies and Mrs. Jadranka Ivankovic, member of the Board at food company Podravka.

Participants of the conference presented their scientific research papers on various subjects such as: leadership in entrepreneurial companies and public sector, knowledge and data management, competitiveness, improving health systems, entrepreneurship development, strategic thinking and so on.

Some of the well known international experts in their field also presented their papers, such as Mr. Peter Crow (British Academy of Management, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, consultant and researcher in the field of corporate governance, strategy and business performance), Ms. Nina Evans (Associate Head at School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, University of South Australia), Mr. Marco Halén (Aalto University, Finland) and Mr. James Lockhart (senior lecturer at the School of Management, Massey University, New Zealand).

"Managers and leaders for modern challenges have to be fully engaged with the operations of the company, they need to be competent so they can make quick decisions, able to establish control and make adjustments and be empathic, because boards and managers are teams", said Mr. Crow.

"The capacity of an organisation to create value does not reside in traditional tangible and financial resources alone. Data, information, documents and knowledge (i.e. both explicit and tacit knowledge) are critical for the survival and growth of organisations as they experience a complex digital environment and increased competition. The effective and responsible management of Information Assets creates business benefits, enhances organisational effectiveness and supports the organisation in achieving its goals", said Ms. Evans.

"Enterprise Architecture was introduced as a framework for the describing key aspects of the enterprise from the information systems perspective. However, if you want to realize the full potential of Enterprise Architecture, you will have to turn it into management practice that is applied across the whole organization. The benefits of EA are many. Typical benefits in the IT area include reduced complexity, improved efficiency and reduced IT cost. Our study shows that it can also be used to provide a common overview of the business, increase transparency within the organization and facilitate discussion on all organization levels and areas. It is an excellent tool for prioritizing the development activities and ensuring strategy implementation according to plans. And I think if you look at the implementation within the organization, it is clear that you will have to implement it all over the organization, not just within the IT or within CIO office. You have to get business people interested in the concept and help them to think of the enterprise as a whole not as separate functions. After all, there is a clear and increasing need to manage change and make correct decisions that take into account both business and information technology needs", said Mr. Halén.

This two-day international conference was organized by the British organization Academic Conferences and Publishing International and VERN' University of Applied Sciences.

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