Introduction - Film, television and multimedia
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Film, television and multimedia


Creative industries, especially its audio-visual component has grown into an important component of the European economy (with 4.5% of GDP) and it is an important generator of new jobs in Europe. This industrial sector, which is characterized by high competitiveness and innovation and above-average number of self-employed individuals, covers a very wide area in the economic, technological, cultural and artistic sense. If we add the fact that the big European cities such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam have already gave part of its local infrastructure to creative industry, then we are talking about the beginning of a new trend that will contribute to the employment of young and creative people, and create a new platform for personal and professional creative expression for new generations. 

This study program is designed as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary program that integrates different types of expertise and audiovisual communication practices (cross-media production, moving-image media, transmedia storytelling, etc.), typical for what is called "creative industries". The curriculum integrates basic film and filmmaking knowledge and skills with creative new media practices and design content, combining them with specific media-communication and economic-legal knowledge, making the participants able for a more comprehensive understanding of the social and economic context of the creative industries.

Students who complete this study program will be able to create a variety of content in the sphere of media and creative expressions in the field of audiovisual and multimedia activities, but also they will be fully trained for self-employment and the engagement in a broader specter of activities in creative industries.

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