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CSR and Marketing

Ph.D. Jadranka Ivanković, senior lecturer

ECTS: 6       

FREQUENCY OF OFFERING:  6th semester, 3rd year

PREREQUISITES: Basic knowledge of marketing and management is advisable

DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE: The course objective is to provide a clear picture of what is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and why it is becoming critical factor of business success. Course explains how to integrate CSR into business practices in a company and who should be responsible for it.

OUTCOMES: Students will become familiar with the issues of CSR, arguments for and against and different approaches toward CSR. Students should be able to develop CSR plan; identify key areas and stakeholders, create new CSR programs and initiatives, and propose monitoring system.

TEACHING METHODOLOGIES: Through lectures, discussions, case studies, assignments and presentations, students will be invited to think out of the box and to respond creatively to CSR challenges.

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