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Gordana Ćorić,Ljiljana Kukec



PREREQUISITES:   Basic knowledge of entrepreneurship

DESCRIPTIONT OF COURSE CONTENT: Course content includes following 7 modules: 1. Entrepreneurial venture through franchising; 2. Characteristics of franchising; 3. Development and management of franchise systems; 4. Basic documents for franchise deals; 5. Services of business consultants and intermediaries in franchising; 6. Launching of franchise concepts, and 7. Management of franchise concepts.

OUTCOMES:   This dynamic and interactive course will help students to (1) get systematic and complete knowledge of franchising; (2) recognize the potential of studied companies to expand through franchising; (3) gain specific skills as their basic competitive advantage in the labor market for employment in the franchise companies; (4) chose a safer way of entering into entrepreneurship; and (5) have a complete insight into all aspects of franchise business to be able to choose a quality franchise offers for themselves or for someone else.

TEACHING METHODOLOGIES: Through lectures, discussions, case studies, individual and team-designed assignments and presentations, students will develop necessary knowledge and skills’ base to feel comfortable in both, franchising as a start-up choice, and franchising as growth strategy for existing business.

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