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Ivana Vrhovski


PREREQIUSITES: basics of management theory, basics of psychology

FREQUENCY OF OFFERING: autumn semester

DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE: The course provides an overview of concepts and processes through which an organization recruit and manage people. Key topics which are covered: recruitment process and hiring, strategic HRM, reward system, organizational development, employee motivation, communication, administration and training.

OUTCOMES: After completing this course, students should be able to understand HRM processes and to develop a HRM project for the small company.

TEACHING METHODOLOGIES: Students learn about hotel marketing management through lectures, reading materials based on relevant up-to-date sources, class discussion, group exercises. A key element of the course is the development of a HRM plan for a specific organization (student choice). Guest lecturers from the Croatian HRM industry are periodically invited providing students with up-to-date insights into the HRM practice.

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