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Business potential on the Russian market

A panel held at VERN’, "Business in Russia, an opportunity for Croatian companies"

"Business in Russia, an opportunity for Croatian companies", a panel discussion was held at VERN' on May 11. The topic was presented to visitors by Darko Delač, Head of the Department of Economics and Marketing and professor at VERN', Vladimir Franković, a business manager at Holcim, who has lived and worked in Moscow for quite some time now, and Mladen Pejnović, director of Plinara Zagreb, a gas distribution company, with extensive professional experience from Russia.

The presenters have agreed that Russia represents a vast potential market for Croatian products and companies. "Croatia was exporting goods to Russia in the mid-80’s of the last century amounting to 1,5 billion dollars, which would  amount to somewhere between 5 and 7 billion according to today’s values. Still, our export to Russia today revolves around 200 to 250 million dollars", professor Delač emphasized.

It was pointed out that Russia is one of the BRIC countries, which speaks for itself about its potential, but also about current economic benchmarks, so all our efforts may not necessarily be focused exclusively on the EU countries.  Russia also has the third biggest foreign exchange reserve in the world, unemployment of only 7,5 percent, the need to develop infrastructure and, maybe most importantly, the products from our region once had consumers on the Russian market.

"However, our public’s view of the Russian federation is still colored by the soviet perspective, and one can’t emphasize enough that Russia is not the USSR. The country and economy have evolved, huge companies rule the market with management consisting of best foreign experts, with a very dynamic labor market", Mladen Pejnović explained.

The business entities wishing to have a successful business in Russia must be able to adapt somewhat to conditions there, to be familiar with the language, culture and social differences. The Russian market is very dynamic and probably most exciting in the world, because the fluctuations cannot be predicted, which requires exceptional flexibility, Vladimir Franković explained.

The envoys from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Croatia participated in the panel discussion, Georgij Mirzojan and Sergey Suslov. The participants have concluded it was essential to strengthen mutual exchange and cooperation, because numerous possibilities are open for companies in the fields of construction business, tourism, shipbuilding, as well as wood and food processing industry.

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Datum objave: 11.5.2011.
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